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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC is the Parent Advisory Committee of Troy Hofer Elementary School. It is an organization made up of parents, guardians and staff members who are interested in learning more about our school, connecting with other parents, offering time for school events, and demonstrating increased involvement and interest in supporting our school’s children and staff.  PAC is a voice of parents at the school level, providing an opportunity for parents and guardians to advise on school programs, policies, plans and activities. The purpose of PAC is to support, promote and improve the quality of education and well-being of Hofer students and encourage parent participation at Hofer Elementary School.  PAC members support Hofer Elementary School by attending PAC meetings, assisting in the school and participating in school events.

PAC Links:

Hofer Parent Commitments supported by PAC.

Submit agenda items for consideration at our next PAC meeting HERE

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