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Mission Statement

Troy CCSD 30-C Mission:

In our Hofer Home, our professional learning community will achieve excellence and will conquer the challenges of the future.

Troy Hofer Elementary Vision:

Hofer Students will:

  •  be accountable for their learning expectations
  •  take risks and persevere in their learning
  •  be respectful, collaborative and reflective learners

Hofer Families will:

  •  be respectful and collaborative partners in creating a climate of high academic and social expectations for student success
  •  embrace opportunities to foster a strong bridge between home and school to encourage a passion for lifelong learning

Hofer Staff will:

  •  be welcoming, positive and supportive to maintain a safe and peaceful educational home
  •  establish a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn through best practices and continual professional development
  •  accurately measure and monitor student learning to provide varied and rigorous instruction to support every student in achieving their highest potential

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